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文章摘要: 受到房地產調控政策的影響,熱水器此前一直保持增長態勢的熱水器市場在2018年首次出現了銷量下滑的局面。......


Influenced by the real estate regulation policy, the water heater market, which had been growing before, experienced the first decline in sales in 2018.


Specifically for different products, the gas water heater market is mainly concentrated in the primary and secondary cities, which is more closely related to the trend of the real estate market, so it has a greater impact on sales; while the development situation of the electric water heater market is relatively relaxed, the real estate regulation in the tertiary, fourth and fifth market will lag behind, and the vast. China's market makes the electric water heater still have a considerable incremental market, but at present, the electric water heater market itself also needs to solve the problems of product innovation, overcapacity, price war and so on, so as to achieve a more benign development.



Since this year, the real estate market has not shown signs of loosening, which means that in the case of further weakening of the incremental market demand, water heater enterprises need to adjust their products and marketing strategies in a timely manner. On the one hand, they are focusing on consumer upgrading, pursuing new demand in the stock market, on the other hand, focusing on consumer habits. Customarily, products are constantly upgraded to meet the various needs of users for hot water life.


Specifically, in terms of brand performance, Huadi has become one of the most outstanding brands in gas water heaters in the past two years. Since 2018, Huadi has positioned the water heater as one of the strategic products to support the future development of Huadi. The business of water heater, wall-mounted stove and water purification has been separated from the kitchen and electric unit and formed a special hot water thermal energy business department. In 2018, Huadi gas water heater sales reached 1.096 billion yuan, an increase of 25.58%. It is understood that since this year, Huadi will continue to promote regional, distributor, price and other system changes, in order to match its future strategic positioning of the water heater industry. According to the statistics of Zhongyikang, the average unit price of Huadi water heater increased by 6.86% from January to May this year, ranking first in price increase. Meanwhile, the owner of electrical appliances has officially launched gas water heater products this year. So far, Fangtai, the owner and Huadi, the three high-end brands in the kitchen and electrical industry, have entered into the category of heating products.



It should be said that with the improvement of natural gas pipeline laying, the future development prospects of the gas water heater market are still widely promising. Brands participating in the market need to make good use of the opportunities of new planning of natural gas pipeline cities to further seize the market. On the other hand, even in the primary and secondary markets of stock market, consumption upgrading will bring a lot of new opportunities, which is also the opportunity for relevant enterprises to pay full attention to and layout.


Compared with gas water heaters, the development environment of electric water heaters should be relatively relaxed. Sales data from Jingdong show that in 2018, sales of electric water heaters in Jingdong water heater category increased by 40.7% year-on-year. On the one hand, the power comes from the further sinking of channels, on the other hand, the younger generation represented by the post-90s and post-95s generation. Generation is becoming a consumer group. Their consumption is more diversified and they are more accustomed to online shopping.



In the first quarter of this year, statistics from AVC showed that sales of electric water heaters fell by 10.3% year on year. However, according to a number of enterprises visited by Icon Appliances on the spot, the further sinking of sales channels led to more low-end and parity machines, but the overall development situation of electric water heaters was slightly better. Last year.


Unlike the basic principle of the second-tier market, there are not only new demand but also new demand in the third-tier and sixth-tier markets. Over the past two years, with the full release of Rural Consumption Willingness and potential, it has also boosted the further expansion of the electric water heater market. However, in order to obtain the loyalty of users for a long time, the electric water heater also needs to innovate and upgrade around the product itself, make the product experience solid, and truly solve the real pain points of users.



In the past two years, due to the further sinking of channels and excellent performance on the commercial platform, the phenomenon of "burning in and retreating" in the water heater market has not been evident. However, in the long run, with the improvement of natural gas pipeline laying, the gas water heater will inevitably squeeze the living space of the electric water heater. However, a series of problems in the development of the electric water heater industry itself, such as overcapacity and price war, will also hinder the development of the electric water heater industry. Therefore, if the electric water heater industry wants to develop healthily and benignly, it is essential to make more efforts in product innovation and upgrading to truly meet the increasingly critical hot water demand of users.


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